Today is Health Justice Day at Occupy Boston

The HealthJustice Group, formed in the last few weeks from various email lists of preogressive health folks here, is having its first “official” event at Occupy Boston today. A speakout at noon, followed by a march at 1 to include the Statehouse and John Kerry’s place (in honour of his supporting the Medicare cuts at the SuperCommittee deliberations).

Some planned chants:
private health insurance kills
human life for dollar bills

occupy to turn the tide
patients doctors side by side

coverage should be wide *
patients doctors side by side

health for all people!
documents or not!
keep on occupying until thats what weve got!

health is,  a human right
health is, a human right

for all
for all
with coverage – we thrive!
without it – we fall!

and my favorite:

Lobbyists just get slicker

While the 99% get sicker.

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