The great divide of culture

The ever perspicacious Digby has an op-ed in AlJazeera about the differences between Tea Partiers and #OWS.

While I think she is putting too much emphasis on the Tea Party leadership which is quite clearly allied with “capitalism”, and not enough on the followership, which is more ideologically confused and probably sympathetic with #OWS, she does have a very good point. (BTW, we should have polling on the overlap of support for Tea Party/#OWS by now — anyone seen it?)

Distilled down, the essence of the question is whether the cultural divide between the upper class left and working class left can be bridged to forge a majority. There is no doubt this is a difficult challenge. A few preliminary anecdotes from the last month suggest this toxic legacy of the 60’s may be eroding, but it will need conscious work at the joint-line to achieve a breakthrough.

And it won’t be easy, given the vast scope for misunderstanding and the potential for turbulent emotional reactions to miscommunication.

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