Watch the News from Burma

A lot of moves, each seemingly innocent, but together they add up. Looks to me like the US and India are trying to wean the generals from Beijing’s orbit.

Hmmmm….. wonder what message that “swimmer” who snuck in to see Aung San Suu Kyi awhile ago was carrying..

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s President Thein Sein begins a four-day visit to India on Wednesday. Myanmar, also known as Burma, is an ally of China. Beijing has invested heavily in Myanmar’s infrastructure and mining projects in recent years. India would also like to invest in Myanmar’s gas sector but has largely lost out to China.

Recent tensions between Myanmar and China could give India a window of opportunity. Earlier this month, the head of a major Chinese company behind a controversial dam in Myanmar said the project’s suspension by the Myanmar government was a surprise that “will lead to a series of legal issues.

The full story, from the WSJ, mostly about the emerging India-Vietnam axis, is here.

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