What rough beast

From Mort Zuckerman’s commentary in US News and World Report via Zero Hedge:

Historically, presidents with approval ratings below 50 percent—Obama is at 45—lose an average of 41 House seats in midterm elections. This year, that would return the House of Representatives to Republican control.

In the normal post-war era, such a shift would be of modest consequence. With the economy about to dive again, and with the misery index about to rise for many who saw themselves as middle class (state and municipal workers), there is no doubt that the slash and burn tactics of the Republican right will intensify.

Just saw the Maddow piece on how the Acorn videos were selectively edited. The guy called the cops as soon as the so-called pimp left the Acorn office! I expect more of these Goebbels tactics in the run up to 2012.

Who will it be? Petraeus on a white horse or Palin under a swastika? Even if Obama squeaks through to a second term, it will be gridlock as the productive economy continues to deteriorate and financial manipulation remains ascendant.

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